the yelp of khachapuri

KHACHAPURI (ხაჭაპური) is a delicious georgian cheese bread that comes in many regional varieties. the name derives from the georgian ხაჭო, meaning curds, and პური, meaning bread.

all the delicious types

imeruli (იმერული)
unadorned and circular
adjaruli (ადჯარული)
shaped like a boat with a raw egg and butter on top
megruli (მეგრული)
similar to imeruli, but if you can believe it, more cheese
achma (აჩმა)
"has multiple layers and looks more like a sauceless lasagna" (from wikipedia)
guruli (გურული)
"has boiled eggs inside the dough and looks like a calzone". wikipedia also says it's not technically a khachapuri, but we all know that wikipedia is not the definitive source on khachapuri, this website is and this website says it's a khachapuri.
osuri, aka khabizgini (ოსური/ხაბიზგინი)
"has potato, as well as cheese" (from wikipedia)
svanuri, aka lemzira, aka petvit (სვანური/ლემზირა/ფეტვით)
"made from millet flour and cheese" (from 196 flavors), often with traditional herbs. Petvit means "with millet".
rachuli (რაჭული)
"rectangular in shape, made from cheese only" (from 196 flavors). is there dough? no one knows, this is a mysterious khachapuri style.
penovani (ფენოვანი)
"made with puff pastry" (from 196 flavors)
mkhlovana (მხლოვანა)
made with beet greens and often two different types of cheese
khachapuri shampurze (ხაჭაპური შამფურზე)
imeruli khachapuri on a skewer (shampuri/შამფური)